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Welcome to Sacred Grove Collective! You have found our Pre-Launch Member-Drive page.  Here you can learn more about who we are and what we do.  If you find that this may be a good fit for you, complete the form at the bottom of the page to get in touch
We are an Intuitive and Energy based collaborative providing:Community, Counsel, and Learning
to those who seek it

Who we are looking for right now...

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We hope to create a place for:
  • Professional, Highly Intuitive individuals that have a clear understanding of SELF and can easily discern their own energetic input from other's
  • Individuals who are aware of, acknowledge, and engage in the healing of their own current limitations and make no claim of superiority or perfection
  • Team oriented people who hold integrity, respect, responsibility, and honor among their chief tenants
  • Skilled and effective communicators in a variety of mediums
  • People who understand the *New* energetic forces that are moving into our awareness
...And to provide a place for Energy-Based Small businesses that are in alignment with
Highly Intuitive / High Vibrational individuals and that are:
  • Looking to the next step on their journey in service to others, but don't know where to start
  • Individuals who may be aware of their raised vibrational state but are unsure of how to proceed
  • People on their journey seeking information, counsel, healing, guidance, or service that we are able to provide

How we will Serve 

It is our intention to provide a space for those who need it, community and connection to our like-minded peers and those whom we serve. We hope to accomplish this by:
  • Providing options for a unique webpage housed within the Collective showcasing your service, art or business visible to our community members at large, with some levels of membership
  • Creating an opportunity to support and share in the community through affiliation
  • Assist in organizing, hosting and promoting live events that showcase your service, gift, or area of expertise, art or entertainment (paid or free)
  • Individual mentorship and guidance for some levels of membership
  • A place to connect with a community of peers and people that we want to serve and that are genuinely looking for our services. 

“Sacred groves are the perfect place to bring joy and gratitude to the forces of nature, to complete the circle of receiving and giving.” -FRED HAGENEDER

Welcome to Sacred Grove Collective. A community for Highly Intuitive, Sensitive, and Gifted people and practitioners. Enter the Grove and find your way, for the Old Ways are kept here and your seat by the fireside is waiting. In this collaborative, we wish to weave together the threads of wisdom, growth and community. To provide our members with a place to easily and clearly find, connect with, and receive access to artists, practitioners, teachers and coaches, and a like minded community that represent and resonate with their own needs and vibration. Likewise it is our wish to weave together the threads of those providers who otherwise have not been able to connect with their community - finding it too daunting or difficult to cut through the immense amount of “noise” in the marketplace. In doing so, we hope to create an illuminated tapestry that embodies the idea of a connected, safe, sacred place of healing and learning, receiving and giving, creating and enjoyment.

If this is you, feel free to contact us today using the form below OR by email at hello@sacredgrovecollective.com

If you think this is you, but that maybe you aren't ready, don't have a following, or are not perfect in some other way - Contact us today! The Universe is ready for you - We can talk about how!

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