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Reiki is an amazing tool to reduce stress and encourage relaxation. Many people use Reiki for wellness. It is not a cure for a disease or illness, but it may assist the body in creating an environment to facilitate healing. Reiki is a great tool to use as a complement to traditional medicine 

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Reasons to consider a Reiki session


Self Care  - As a natural process and practice that supports the wellness of the whole self, Reiki is the perfect type of treatment to include in your self-care regimen


Adapting To and Managing Major Life Events or Transitions -  Using Reiki to help address the stress of major life events or transitions and help you to

  • work through obstacles, real or perceived

  • address physical, spiritual or emotional manifestations related to major life events or transitions

  • help you to remain grounded, centered and focused during your period of transition


Breaking Old Unhealthy Habits - With Reiki, you can find the support you need to continue on your path to creating a healthier you, inside and out.  Use the benefits of Reiki to build your self-worth and leave behind old damaging ideas or victim-based self-views


Clearing - Clearing unwanted influences of residual energy remaining from ancestral ties, family dynamics, unfinished issues from past-lives, or interactions with other people. Some of us also pick-up the energy and emotions of those we interact with even casually during the day. When this residual energy is cleared from our space, we are able to be clearer and more grounded.


Physical Aliments - Experience Reiki to assist in the clearing of energetic blocks which may be interfering with physical wellness.


For Your Pets, Livestock or Other Animals - The animals and critters in our life mean so much to us, but they often can't express what they really need or feel.  Reiki is an amazing tool to help animals struggling with anxiety, nervousness or advanced age where they are suffering from physical ailments.  As an owner of an extremely anxious dog, I am always amazed and relieved when I am able to see him have moments of calm and peace during a session. (* For safety reasons, I will not do in-person sessions with people reactive pets or animals, but remote sessions are always available)


What to Expect

Sessions always begin with a conversation about what has brought you to Reiki, what you would like to address during our session any other information you would like to share or information that has been brought forward.


 In-person Reiki is usually performed while reclined comfortably on a massage table. It also may be performed while semi-reclined on a massage chair or recliner. If you have mobility or pain issues please communicate these prior to your session so that I may make you your most comfortable for the session.


During your session, you will be fully clothed. Wearing loose fitting or comfortable clothing is advised.


Reiki may be done with light gentle pressure, static touch, or with the hands a few inches above your body with no actual touch. There are standard hand placements beginning at your head or feet. Please feel free to let me know prior to the session which you prefer, light touch or no touch, and if you have any areas that you are not comfortable addressing during your session.

Remote sessions will follow much of the same format.  If we are doing a live session, after our initial discussion, you will get comfortable in a quiet place in your space where you won't be disturbed. We will take some time to get relaxed and into a calm state. After that, I will begin the remote session.  You may feel warmth, "tingles" or even heaviness.  This is normal, but if you are uncomfortable at any time, please let me know. Often when I do Reiki, I receive a variety of information that is relevant for the individual.  We can discuss this as it comes up, at the end of the session or not at all.  It is completely ok if you fall asleep. I will wake you gently once the session is completed. 

Distance sessions will occur at a pre-determined time.  I will notify you via text or email that I plan to begin the session, but you do not need to do anything else.  If you wish to find a quiet place to relax in that is perfectly fine.  You may also experience some of the physical sensations mentioned above, but if you are going about your day, you may not notice. Reiki does not require any kind of special circumstances or equipment to be sent or received. If there is any guidance or relevant message received during the session, I will include it in my communication about your session. 


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